Improve your visitors website experience & get detailed information with analytical software installed & configured on your domain.

Get the big picture

with analytical software installed in your website, you can begin to understand your visitors & their interests so you can improve the performance of your site content.

track results

Understand your visitors and learn where they are spending most of their time on your website, as well as what pages are effective, and which need improvement.

Learn your traffic

Begin to see where your visitors are coming from, what visitors are coming back, and how many customers are returning to your site with interest!


With analytics you can track:


Acquisition refers to how you get your website traffic. This means you can use acquisition reports to see how your traffic gets to your site.


Behavior is all about seeing what visitors are doing on your website. By using this information we can assess the performance of your website content and determine if visitors are taking the actions you want them to.


Keep track of what web pages are providing the most conversions from visitors. Whether it be sales, leads, calls, or anything else you are trying to generate from your website.



We will integrate Google analytics into your website , test it for functionality, and ensure it is working across the entire domain.


We will tailor Google analytics to your website ensuring it will provide the key information you are looking for.


We will customize reports from google analytics providing you detailed information about the traffic you are generating.


We will provide monitoring services to notify you if your website traffic is experiencing any severe loss, & help provide solutions to keep the visitors coming in.


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Other Services

Boca Web Marketing Does More Than Just Analytical Integration! We Also Offer Services Listed Below!

Online Marketing

We will develop an effective marketing plan using online advertising such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, and other online marketing platforms to develop an effective PPC marketing campaign.

Website Design & Development

We can help build a website that will provide results , look great, and keep your visitors engaged as they read more about your website content.